How to Keep Your Husband Happy


Why Do Men Leave Their Wives?

Many women have had to face the heartbreak of a relationship break up. It’s never easy, and most would do just about anything to avoid a break up. Men who leave their wives have many reasons for doing so, but there are some things to keep in mind so you can hopefully avoid finding yourself in that painful situation.

One thing all women need to understand, that might seem to go against everything they’ve ever heard or believed, is that men and women aren’t all that different in what they want from a relationship, they just have different ways of expressing their dissatisfaction when they do not get what they want and need.

What Men Want From Their Wives

Men want their women to love, respect, and admire them. Most men want to feel like they are meeting all of the needs of their wife or girlfriend, and they want their woman to show a high level of appreciation in words and in actions.

It’s important for everyone to feel accepted for who they really are and feel like they are appreciated for all they do. Men and women, will leave a relationship if these basic needs aren’t met.

One common misconception is that men leave their wives because they have found another woman to whom they are attracted. While they may in fact leave their spouse and go to another woman, they were most likely already feeling like their needs weren’t being met long before the ‘other woman’ came into the picture.

Many Men Don’t Really Understand Their Own Feelings

One of the difficult things for women to deal with is that most men either don’t understand why they’re feeling the way they are so they can’t tell you what is wrong, or they are unable, or unwilling to discuss it in order to come up with a solution. They just know they are unhappy, they are sick of feeling that way, and they react: by looking for someone who makes them feel better and/or by leaving.

If you want to try to keep your relationship with your husband happy and healthy, it’s important that you understand that, even though he may express his needs in a different way than you, he still has the same basic needs to be loved and admired that you do. He wants to feel like he is your Prince Charming and is the most important person in the world to you.

What You Can Do

Tell your hubby how important he is and that you love him. And more importantly, act like he is important to you. Make love to him and do all those little things that let him know how important he is. Women may focus on words, but men will notice more what you do.

Get him special little surprises like a new car magazine or something to encourage his hobbies. Fix his favorite foods, or try making or picking up something new you think he might like. Keep yourself looking healthy and attractive by exercising, and dressing in clean, neat clothing. Being relaxed with your man does not mean you should always slip into old sweats and forget the makeup. Be the first to make a romantic move, and initiate sex from time to time; don’t always leave that to him.

Meeting your husband’s needs will help ensure that he isn’t one of the men who leave their wives.

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